8 Reasons to “WACH” FOX’s New: FASTCAST @5 NEWS

You want to see the day’s news. You want it all, you want it fast and you want to have your say too. Now, for the first time, there’s a newscast for you in the Midlands.

It’s the fast-paced, interactive WACH Fox’s Fastcast @ 5 News, packing more news into less time for your busy life. It’s the TV news you’ve been looking for.

Here are 8 reasons you should “WACH” FOX’s New FASTCAST @5 NEWS:

  1. More information in less time. More breaking news, weather, traffic and sports in less time gets you up-to-date faster. Before you know it you’ll be fully informed on everything going on in the Midlands, the nation and the world.
  2. The look! The feel! Like no newscast you’ve ever seen before, watch anchor Myra Ruiz or feast your eyes on the nine in-studio video screens showing behind-the-scenes action of the newscast being produced. Did meteorologist Justin Kier just say “uh-oh?!”
  3. Sit down to watch or just listen while doing something else. The clear, fast-paced Fastcast @ 5 News allows you to get all the information you need without interrupting your busy day. It’s news you can watch without putting down your phone.
  4. The news you care about. Stay informed about the day’s news and the latest trends. Keep up on news you can use to keep your family safe and healthy. Get traffic and weather updates fast, before heading out from work. Find out what important people are doing – whether they’re the governor or your favorite musical artist. It’s all packaged into one dynamic newscast for the Information Age.
  5. Fastcast Sound-off gives you a forum. The Fastcast Sound-off camera is on the streets to hear from you on the question of the day, or sound-off on social media. Viewer opinions are part of the show, allowing your voice to be heard. The on-air team might even respond directly to you on Facebook Live or Twitter during a commercial break.
  6. The same high-quality journalism you’ve come to expect. Fastcast @ 5 News hasn’t skimped on the hard-hitting reporting and quality journalism you’ve gotten used to on WACH Fox news. Seasoned journalist Myra Ruiz and the Fastcast @ 5 News team believe fair, accurate reporting is their number one priority.
  7. Local entertainment news from the DJs who know. DJs from Q93.5, Fox 102.3, Hot 103.9 and other Alpha Media radio stations chip in with the down-low on exciting entertainment happenings around the Midlands. Stay up-to-date on the local culture scene from the people who entertain you each morning.
  8. We’re on the cutting edge in Soda City! This revolutionary approach to TV news starts right here in the Midlands, not in New York or L.A. See the future of TV news before anyone else in America. Then post it on social media – your friends will want to know!

Don’t stop your life to watch the nightly news; get the news that fits your lifestyle. You can even watch the show from your computer, tablet or cell phone. WACH Fox’s Fastcast @ 5 News fits into your breakneck day by bringing you all the news you need in the way you want to consume it. Check it out at 5:00 every evening on WACH Fox 57.