How to Choose Fitness Professionals

A new year is around the corner and possibly a new version of you too, or at least that’s what many people believe as the days on the calendar of 2022 peel away. The idea of becoming a fitter version of yourself is a common thing that springs to mind, and the fitness industry is waiting and ready to be a part of it.

Resolutions: 4. Improve my physical health

YMCA of Columbia: More Than Just a Gym Guided by four core values – caring, honesty, respect and responsibility – the YMCA concentrates its efforts on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, serving more than 45 million people in 119 countries around the globe. And though The Y provides an excellent venue to begin […]

Resolutions: 2. Get fit

Planet Fitness: Just walk in the gym door and start with 10-minute workouts Who did you notice the last time you visited your local grocery store? If you took a look around, you’d see a range of people, all with different shapes and sizes, different ages, and most notably, different fitness levels. Those are the […]