2016 Soda City Comic Con

Sponsored By: Soda City Comic Con

Sponsored by: Soda City Comic Con

6 Geek-Tastic Reasons You Can’t Miss Soda City Comic Con

2016 SodaCity ComicCon

Comic Con isn’t just for cosplay lovers and comic book enthusiasts – its fun for anyone who loves pop culture, whether it’s Mickey Mouse or the Walking Dead.

Soda City Comic Con is a fantastic way to get involved in the fandoms you love. Over 3,000 fans attended last year, and this year is sure to be even bigger and better, with more booths, panels and shows.

Here are 6 reasons you can’t miss Soda City Comic Con:

1. The panels are going to be unforgettable

The panels this year are more diverse than ever, with everything from panels of professional cosplayers to a panel on classic Saturday morning animation with Tom Cook, who worked on shows like He-Man and DC’s Super Friends.
Whether you’re itching to know how comic books are made, the evolution of comics or how 3D printing actually works, Soda City Comic Con has a panel for you.

2. The chance to meet a special guest is too great to pass up

Ever wanted to meet the animator for the Simpsons, a former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comic or the animator of Space Ghost? Now’s your chance! Phil Ortiz, Roy Thomas, Clay Croker and more will be at Soda City Comic Con this month! And if you’re into cosplay, Kristen Hughey will be attending as well.
It’s a great opportunity to meet the minds and artists behind your favorite shows and comics, and dress up as well!

3. There’s exclusive merchandise from all your favorite fandoms

This year there will be over 75 artist tables, featuring fandom art from anywhere you could possibly imagine! There will also be over 60 vendor booths selling a variety of the most popular comics, toys, anime and collectable items. So if you want merch from the movies, games, books or comics you love this is the place to be.

4. It’s a positive and local community

Whether you’re a cosplayer, life-long fan or new to the geek life, Soda City Comic Con is the perfect place to meet new people and find friends. The community is welcoming and open, and many of the artists and panelists are from the midlands area itself. The local South Carolina feel to this Comic Con means you’re in a home away from home.

5. You can see exclusive premieres

Don’t miss your opportunity to watch exclusive new TV and movie premieres first! The con will have a screening room this year where you can see new trailers and more from NBC, CBS and FOX before anyone else.

6. You can show off your gaming skills

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a pro, you can participate in the gaming tournament and win cash prizes, or maybe even try out a new Nintendo game! Get your game on with tons of people that love the game just as much as you do!
Check out Soda City Comic Con August 27th and 28th for fun, fandom and fantastic adventures for the whole family. It’s time to get your geek on!

For tickets and more information, visit SodaCityComicCon.com.