Reggaetronic is back!

Sponsored By: Reggaetronic

Reggaetronic floating concertLast year didn’t go quite how we hoped (you know, the whole pandemic thing), but that won’t slow us down this year. It’s time to celebrate our 9th year with incredible music and amazing vibes on Lake Murray.

If you’ve never been to Reggaetronic, it’s something you need to see to understand. But, we’ll do our best to paint a picture for you.

Imagine you’re on a beautiful lake. It’s big, with long stretches of water and a few islands. Jet skis zip past you, people are cruising, and others do their best to stay up on skis.

You come around the bend to see one of the islands and thousands of boats. About 1500, if you’re counting. People are on pontoons grilling out, a big group on a ski boat is getting ready to jump in the water together, and tons of people are swimming and in floats. And everyone has got their favorite drink (or drinks) in hand.

Now, you hear music. Great music. The speakers are blasting modern reggae, rock, funk, and electronic music on a massive stage that’s floating in the water.

Suddenly, you find yourself surrounded by 15,000 people having the time of their lives at a 100% floating music festival. The land is brought to you with floating inflatable couches and cabana experiences.

Sounds amazing, right?

It is.Reggaetronic stage

And it’s only accessible by boat. So get yours ready or find a friend who can get you there. You’ll hear bands like Little Stranger and Tropidelic. EDM DJ Henry Fong will be there. Lefty at the Washout and Sun-Dried Vibes will be playing bangers.

After a crazy 2020, it’s incredible to look back and see where we began. Reggaetronic started under a tent on a dock. Now, it’s a 300,000 lb. stage with a fantastic lineup of bands and an experience you’ll never forget.

We’ve got people from all over the country coming to Lake Murray. In previous years, we’ve had folks come from 28 states. And with sponsors like Monster Energy, Tidewater Boats, Tito’s Vodka, and White Claw, there are more ways than ever to have a blast.

General admission is totally free. All you need is a boat and good vibes. For the front row experience, you can purchase a VIP pass for $250. Our proceeds go to support the Shriners Children’s Hospital.

Start packing your cooler with your favorite food and beverages (don’t forget the water), your sunscreen, and your floats for a long day on the lake. We get things going on Saturday, June 19th at 11:00 a.m. at Jim Spence Island.