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Cool Care Heating & Air: Stay Cool – and Warm

Does your home’s heating or air conditioning stop working only Monday through Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.? That’s probably not the case. In the real world, HVAC systems, like vehicles, seem to break down at the most inopportune times.

That difficult-to-explain conundrum is a major reason residential and commercial customers in the Midlands and throughout the Palmetto State depend on Cool Care Heating & Air. Regardless of what time your system chooses to malfunction, one of the company’s teams will be available to make sure your home remains comfortable and safe. And Cool Care, which is about to celebrate its 20th birthday, won’t charge you extra for those night, weekend or holiday house calls.

“We provide seven-day service, with no overtime or holiday rates,” says owner Teresa Wardlaw. “We know that your system never breaks down when it’s convenient.”

She adds that Cool Care Heating & Air doesn’t even use an answering service.

“That would be impersonal. Our customers deserve more than that. You’re always going to get one of us, and we always have access to your system’s history,” she points out.

That personal service extends well beyond simply replacing a fan motor or fixing a thermostat. Cool Care’s experienced technicians – some of them have been with the company for as long as nine years – are always looking for ways to enhance their customers’ safety and comfort.

For example, if a technician notices that a homeowner is using an inhaler, he’ll address indoor air quality and possibly test the air that person is breathing.

“Indoor air is commonly five times as contaminated as outdoor air, and that can have a huge impact on the health of family members and even pets,” Wardlaw says.

She adds that her technicians constantly address safety issues as well. She says recently, a customer was hosting a church youth group sleepover. When the home carbon monoxide detectors went off, they called the Fire Department and Cool Care. As it turned out, the HVAC systems had cracked heat exchangers, which could have created a dangerous situation.

Wardlaw explains that Cool Care takes a whole-house approach, making certain that the HVAC systems are working at peak efficiency and that customers are saving on their energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint. She says some homes have cold and hot spots, possibly because the system wasn’t sized properly or the air returns weren’t installed in the right places. Issues might arise simply because a cable installer accidently moved a duct in the home’s crawl space.

“We talk to our customers. We don’t just come in, fix something and leave,” she points out.

With the new year upon us, Wardlaw offered some sage advice for homeowners and commercial customers in South Carolina.

“Heating and air is the third largest investment people make, behind their home and car,” she says. “A lot of people don’t think about it until it breaks. You should protect your investment by having regular maintenance twice a year. You’ll save on your energy bill, your system will run at peak efficiency and your indoor air quality will be better.”

And with Cool Care Heating & Air, you won’t have to pay weekend rates if you need to take care of that maintenance on a Saturday or Sunday.

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