Natural Roots Pest Control Offers an Eco-Friendly Way to Pest Control Services

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Columbia’s Natural Roots Pest control is bringing patrons a more safe and effective way to pest control services—one that’s eco-friendly and avoids the use of all harmful chemicals.

The locally owned business is the only one of its kind in Columbia, SC. Founded by a master gardener in 2010, the current owner of Natural Roots, Ian Holt, has watched as this business that started with a simple vision has grown immensely just within the year he has been there.

“It was started with a vision that you can do pest control safely and effectively without the use of all these harsh industry standard chemicals that we are surrounded with every day of our lives,” Holt said.

Natural Roots services all of the Midlands. They’re a standout company in that they provide an effective pest control service while avoiding industry-standard pesticides and building their own blends of pest control using fully safe granulars.

“Our main bread and butter is a proprietary blend of essential oils that we change quarterly to always get the best effectiveness out of it,” Holt said. “Pest can get averse to certain things, so we're always switching it up. For example, right now we're using a mixture of corn oil, rosemary, lemon grass, peppermint and concentrated black garlic oil.”

Holt explained that Natural Roots provides a multi-layer exterior treatment when providing a typical pest control service.

“You get an inspection on your initial service and with all of our services like our routine pest control service, we like to do an interior treatment, but if the customer doesn't want that, that's not required,” Holt said when breaking down what a routine service is like. “But then you get a multi-layer exterior treatment where we treat the foundation, around all your windows and doors, and then we also do a granular treatment on the outside of that treatment.”

Another thing that separates Natural Roots from other pest control providers is the downtime it takes for families to enjoy their homes after any service—something that a family with children or pets understands the importance of all too well.

“Everything that we use is non-toxic—that’s what separates us,” Holt said. “For example, whenever someone has a mosquito service done by an industry standard pest control company, they can't go out in their yard for an hour after that's done because they need the toxic chemicals to dry. For me, you can enjoy your yard 10 minutes after my service.”

The company doesn’t stop at eco-friendly pest control. While they offer any pest-control service that a major competitor would, they also have a wildlife division where they specialize in humane wildlife removal.

And when you call Natural Roots, you aren’t greeted by a customer service representative— you’re greeted by the owner, Ian Holt.

“I have technicians, but I do all initial services,” Holt said. “So, any customer that wants a new service; that first service is gonna be done by the owner of the company so that you know that I'm invested and you know you're being taken care of by someone local.”

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