Children’s Trust of South Carolina Protects the Most Vulnerable

Children’s Trust of South Carolina believes one case of child abuse is one too many. Last year there were 20,198 children in founded cases of child abuse and neglect — enough to fill nearly 36 elementary schools. Now more than ever, families across South Carolina need your help.

Children’s Trust works to strengthen families and lead communities to prevent child abuse and neglect in South Carolina. More than 8,000 families were served in communities across South Carolina through programs funded and supported by Children’s Trust last year.

Children’s Trust provides a wide variety of evidence-based programs that help families handle life’s challenges, big and small, together. Children’s Trust also trains professionals across the state on how to help families, protect and support children, and recognize abuse.

Your gift to Children’s Trust this Giving Tuesday will connect more families in need to resources and services right in their own communities.

With your support, Children’s Trust aims to break generational cycles of abuse and neglect, in turn protecting every child and family in the community. Ongoing research into adverse childhood experiences, a statewide initiative led by Children’s Trust, shows that children who are exposed to trauma are much more likely to become adults with problems like depression, alcoholism, obesity, heart and liver disease and decreased workplace performance. Your donation today means more families in crisis will have access to the tools that build parenting and family success.

“We know children and families do best when families are connected to strong communities that wrap them in love and support,” says Michael Shirley, communications manager for Children’s Trust. “When we support programs that strengthen families, everyone benefits.”

You can change the lives of South Carolina families with your donation to Children’s Trust. Give online at or mail your donation to 1330 Lady Street, Suite 310, Columbia, S.C. 29201.