Become an ‘Everyday Philanthropist’ Through Midlands Gives

Sponsored By: Central Carolina Community Foundation

The way nonprofit organizations raise money is changing rapidly. Now in its sixth year, Midlands Gives provides an opportunity for your favorite charity to dip a toe into crowdfunding, and gives each of us a convenient vehicle to experience the joy of sharing our blessings.

Created and hosted by Central Carolina Community Foundation, and supported by dozens of businesses, Midlands Gives provides a platform for thousands of “everyday philanthropists” to band together on May 7, 2019 for 18 hours of online giving to the nonprofit organizations that make our community a better place to live.

Here’s how you can help celebrate the nonprofits that help those in need and provide critical community services:

You can be part of something big! Midlands Gives has raised $7.2 million in its first five years. Last year, 14,665 individual gifts totaled $1.75 million for 372 charities.

Anyone can be a philanthropist. You don’t have to be Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey to make a charitable donation. By giving what you can, and pooling it with thousands of other gifts, we all can make a big difference in the Midlands.

You have 18 hours to donate online. You can make your charitable gifts to the nonprofits of your choice through Midlands Gives on May 7 from 6 AM to midnight. It’s unbelievably convenient.

Nearly every penny goes to charity. Aside from a small processing and technology fee of 4.9% percent, all of your contribution goes to the charity of your choice.

Pick one or multiple charities to support. Using a fun, interactive shopping cart system, you can select one or multiple organizations and donate to each of them through on May 7.

Be a Champion and encourage your friends to donate. Champion Pages provide you a vehicle to connect your passions with your network of friends by creating personal campaigns to raise money for the nonprofits of your choice. Select a nonprofit you’re passionate about, set a fundraising goal and create a personal page that explains why each particular non-profit speaks to you. Then share it with friends and family! Create as many pages as you like. Champion Pages provide a customized way to raise money, track goals and celebrate milestones with your friends. Visit for more information.

Celebrate victory together! Join all your fellow everyday philanthropists May 7 in a celebration at Segra Park. Cheer for your favorite charities as they tally up the totals and help kick up the volume during live TV broadcasts during the morning, midday and evening newscasts.

We give more when we all give together, and that makes the Midlands a more human, inclusive, equitable community. It’s easy and rewarding through Midlands Gives.