5 Great Benefits of Giving Online Donations

Sponsored By: Central Carolina Community Foundation

Approximately 73 percent of Americans go online on a daily basis according to a recent survey. With this much dedication to screen time, it’s no surprise that many nonprofit organizations are now accepting online donations. 

Although nonprofits still make a majority of their money the old fashioned way, online fundraising is certainly on the rise. Here are 5 reasons to make your next charity contribution a virtual one.  

  1. Faster processing time

Traditional gifts must be manually recorded and taken to the bank, which takes time. Online contributions, on the other hand, are processed automatically, and therefore can have a more immediate impact on the cause. It’s a win-win for everyone involved! 

  1. More security

The right online giving solution will provide bank-level security and encryption to safeguard donation details and guarantee that gifts make their way to their intended organizations. This makes online a safer choice than many traditional giving options.  

Instead of exposing personal information on a paper donation form, like your name, address and bank account numbers, you can submit this information privately online. In addition, it’s easier to lose track of donations when they’re passed from person to person within an organization during processing. 

  1. Fewer fees

No matter your donation method, charities incur fees when processing gifts. Online donations usually carry fewer fees compared to checks or other fundraising means, allowing nonprofits to receive more of the donation. Every dollar counts when helping a cause, so why not make the biggest impact by donating online? 

  1. Convenient electronic cataloging 

Most online giving websites store user information after a donation is made. This electronic cataloging allows donors to refer back to their donation details, which can be helpful during tax season.  

It also lets donators make a repeat donation with the click of a button, an important perk since roughly 46 percent of 2014 donors made repeat gifts to participating nonprofits in 2015, according to the Fundraising Effectiveness Project

  1. Credibility verification

Unfortunately, charity donation fraud exists. Online donating giving websites take the guesswork out of donating to a legitimate charity. Most online platforms are only open to 501(c)(3) organizations in good standing with the Internal Revenue Service. So, as an online donor, you already know your money is going to a trusted organization and cause. 

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