3. Improve My Mental Health in 2021

This time last year, the world looked excitedly toward the year 2020, but before the third month was over, the entire world had taken an unexpected and strange twist. The twists kept twisting, with events beyond our collective wildest imaginations occurring at a rapid pace. Tough challenges and unbelievable acts of humanity were the new […]

2. Save More, Spend Less in 2021

The importance of saving more and spending less has never been more evident as it was during the year 2020. Since an unexpected force upended people’s lives, routines, and even their savings accounts, having an extra money cushion is a 2021 resolution everyone should have on their list. More money is not always a guarantee […]

1. Get fit in 2021

Skipping the gym wasn’t just an option for many months in 2020, it was required as gyms were temporarily shuttered. But gyms are back and even better than ever with upgrades and safety protocols like the ones offered by the four Planet Fitness locations in the Midlands. Consider fitness as essential for a healthier 2021 […]