1. Read More

Fuel Your Hobby at the South Carolina State Library There is something you love to learn about. The topic brings joy and excitement like few things do and you are eager to learn more. Quench that thirst for knowledge with help from the South Carolina State Library (statelibrary.sc.gov). A State Library card (statelibrary.sc.gov/get-library-card) is a […]

2. Don’t Waste Food

Make Food Waste Reduction Your Resolution in 2019 Do you keep breaking the same resolutions year after year? Try setting a new resolution starting in your refrigerator. Food is the No.1 item Americans throw away. Each year up to 40 percent of the food supply in the U.S. is never consumed — an annual loss […]

4. Exercise More

Eliminate the Excuses and Make Improved Fitness a Reality in 2019 For New Year’s resolutions, one is the undisputed champion of them all: a pledge to get in better shape. And yet that same resolution is also the most commonly broken, with Time magazine reporting that 60 percent of gym memberships go unused. By mid-February, […]

5. Buy a New Home

Buying a Home in 2019? 3 SC Housing Programs Can Help Owning a home in the new year may not be as far out of reach as you might think, especially if you’re one of the many aspiring homeowners who can take advantage of programs offered by the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development […]

6. Save Energy

A Resolution to Save the Planet? Start by Saving Energy at Home New Year’s resolutions can run the gamut, from improved fitness to better financial health to a quest for a more fun and active lifestyle. But with the effects of climate change in the news almost every day, some are resolving to take steps […]

7. Have More Fun

Make Fun a Priority in 2019 with Local Adventures, Lessons This year has been a long one, filled with ups and downs. Why not make a resolution to have more fun in 2019? There are many ways you can spice up your new year, and checking out the South Carolina State Museum is one of […]