At 32Dental, It’s All About You

When you step through the doors at 32Dental, you’ll find the entire experience is about you. Dr. Patel and our team intentionally listen to your concerns, learn your dental history, and discover your goals. We don’t want to clean your teeth and just send you on your way.

During your first visit, we dedicate time to getting to know you. You’ll meet your hygienist and Dr. Patel. They will ask you questions and actively listen to you. You can talk about your dental history, previous experiences, and things that worry you.

And we get it. A lot of people are anxious about going to the dentist. Maybe you’ve had a bad experience in the past, or you simply don’t like the thought of going through a dental procedure.

That’s okay; we will find the root of what causes your dental anxiety and structure a unique treatment plan to avoid those triggering moments.

When you become a patient, you’ll see that our entire practice is built on trust. The team invests the time to ask you questions because we want to know more about you so we can build a relationship.

Interacting with your dentist shouldn’t be a transactional experience that happens once or twice yearly. Oral health is a progressive part of your entire physical health. So, we always want to be there for you to answer questions, educate you, and offer support when you need it.

Helping the Environment and Our Community

Beyond our work with patients, we were happy to support organizations in our community through volunteering, raising money, and participating in various local events.

32Dental is making strides to decrease our environmental footprint. We are actively replacing single-use plastic dental tools with biodegradable and multi-use materials.

Taking Care of Your Dental Health at Home

How you take care of your teeth at home plays a significant role in your oral and physical health. And one tip we’re sharing with our patients (and we want to pass along to you!) is to be mindful of the acidity level of the drinks you consume. Some can increase tooth decay. We have a bottled water pH level chart that surprises most patients with the acidity of the waters they love.

So, how do you avoid tooth decay caused by acidic beverages?

Try grabbing a reusable water bottle and filling it up at home with filtered water from your tap. If you enjoy sports or soft drinks, consume them in moderation and during one sitting. And while occasionally drinking these beverages is okay, monitoring consumption levels can help keep your teeth healthier.

What We Can Do for Your Oral Health

Our practice offers several services, from dental hygiene to cosmetic and implant dentistry.

The first step to becoming a patient is calling our office at 803-736-5300. We’ll schedule a time for you to meet our team and speak with Dr. Patel to get started with your dental care. We’d love to support and help you on your oral health journey.