Art Exhibition Displays Tools in a Whole New Way

Jacob Lawrence, Carpenters, 1977, lithograph. Photo courtesy of Joel Breger.   At first glance, an art exhibition titled “ReTooled” might sound like a display of vintage saws and hammers, but don’t let the name of the current exhibition at the Columbia Museum of Art fool you. ReTooled highlights the collected works of John Hechinger, owner […]

How to Keep Kids Learning All Summer Long

While summer is certainly a fun and exciting time for kids, the lack of time in the classroom can result in lost learning. Often referred to as the “summer slide,” it can be a serious issue for students who don’t continue to learn throughout their summer break. In fact, students can lose up to two […]

5 Great Benefits of Giving Online Donations

Approximately 73 percent of Americans go online on a daily basis according to a recent survey. With this much dedication to screen time, it’s no surprise that many nonprofit organizations are now accepting online donations. Although nonprofits still make a majority of their money the old fashioned way, online fundraising is certainly on the rise. […]

Should Your Child Major in Music?

As the owner of Columbia Arts Academy and the Lexington School of Music, parents often ask Marty Fort whether their soon-to-be college student should major in music. With both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in guitar performance, Fort is well versed in the academic side of music education. But that doesn’t mean he […]

What Attracts People to a Community?

Sponsored by: Central Carolina Community Foundation   Living in a community you love is just as important as loving the home where you live. So, what makes a community desirable? Outstanding schools, affordable healthcare and safe streets are a plus, but what makes people want to put down roots and establish a life in a […]

3 Benefits of Music Lessons for Kids

Parents can’t help but beam when their daughter completes a flawless violin recital or when their son masters a complex piano solo. They have every right to be proud. Learning a musical instrument is part skill and part discipline. It takes practice and devotion to confidently play an instrument – whether as a soloist or part of an orchestra or high school marching band.